Emacs darkroom-mode and w32-fullscreen

Darkroom-mode is a "pseudo" mode for Emacs on Windows that tries to emulate the no-distractions writing environment in applications like "WriteRoom" and "DarkRoom". It's Windows only since going fullscreen in X is handled natively by most X window managers.

Darkroom mode enables "real" fullscreen mode on a frame, i.e, taking away even the titlebar. It also sets some useful margin- and color settings. It works with multiple monitors (i.e, multiple frames)

There is a screenshot available (here used together with Emacs Muse).

Source code available through bitbucket - darkroom-mode and w32-fullscreen


Latest version available for download is v20090816

Files and short descriptions


Also, it might require EmacsW32 available at http://www.ourcomments.org/Emacs/EmacsW32.html (I haven't tested without it yet)


First, see that you meet the requirements.

Next, download the latest distribution, place darkroom-mode.el, w32-fullscreen.el and frame-local-vars.el in a good place. Put w32toggletitle.exe somewhere inside your PATH, like C:\windows\system32.

Edit your .emacs and add the usual:

(add-to-list 'load-path "path-to-where-you-put-darkroom-mode")
(require 'darkroom-mode)


Use M-x darkroom-mode to toggle darkroom-mode on/off

If you only want fullscreen and not the other stuff, use M-x w32-fullscreen (toggles fullscreen on/off)

Questions & Feedback

Report issues and send patches through the projects at bitbucket: